#46 Remembering to Remember: Marlon Barrios Solano

Marlon Barrios Solano is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary artist and researcher specializing in software engineering, generative AI, dance improvisation, and mindfulness. His diverse work, ranging from AI-driven apps to digital therapeutics, manifests in web applications, interactive installations, multimedia performances, education, and consulting. His notable work with Sati-AI demonstrates the innovative integration of AI in mindfulness practices.

Marlon lends his expertise to a variety of domains, guiding both individuals and organizations in leveraging AI technology. He is a researcher in residency at Lake Studios Berlin and Wisdom Labs (San Francisco), and has held research residencies and fellowships in Germany, Amsterdam, Switzerland, and the UK.

He holds an MFA from The Ohio State University and graduated from the General Assembly Software Engineering Program in 2021. A Kernel Fellow Block5 2022, he also teaches Vipassana meditation to artists and technologists. His previous positions include a research associate role at the Inter-University of Dance/University of The Arts in Berlin from 2012-2016.

A certified Vipassana/Mindfulness Meditation Teacher from Spirit Rock Meditation Center and lived at Insight meditation Society in Barre, MA from 20016 to 20121. Marlon continues to study and practice under Stephen Batchelor and is an Embodyoga® 200 Hour Certified Teacher. He has taught and developed projects worldwide. He is a fellow for the Mind and Life EUROPEAN SUMMER RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ESRI) 2023.

Marlon’s Linktree


Article on Sati-AI in Lion’s Roar


  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 03:58 – Meditation Background
  • 07:52 – Dance and Meditation
  • 13:34 – The Importance of Practice
  • 17:06 – The Sacred
  • 25:40 – ”Mind-full-ness” and Practice
  • 32:34 – Remembering to Remember
  • 36:42 – Sati-AI
  • 50:07 – Large Language Models
  • 54:04 – AI and Art
  • 57:48 – Dangers of AI
  • 64:56 – Conclusions

Special thanks to Lake Studios Berlin for hosting us and the equipment to record this conversation.