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The Body is a Doorway

A 4-Part Course with Sophie Strand

Communally, through story, conversation, questions, and exercises, we will begin to release the need to complete a healing narrative. During this course, we address questions like:

  • How can we let chronic illness, incurable disease, disability, and grief galvanize us into a greater connection with other species and beings?
  • What if my joy, my ease, my bodily ecstasy was not achievable in a single human self, but somewhere past my skin-silhouette, in the body of a bird, or a vine, or mycorrhizal network?
  • What if the ways our bodies adjusted to trauma, trespass, and illness were not universally problematic, but often deeply creative?
  • What if the bodies of the disabled, the survivors of violence and abuse, the neurodivergent, and the chronically ill were not broken and in need of correction?