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The Intelligence of the Interstitial

A live online conversation with Sophie Strand

We have behaved like ordinary cells for too long, pretending there is no movement from the inside to the outside or vice versa. We have believed, for too long, that our minds belong to us as individuals. Yet advances in everything from forest ecology to microbiology show us we are not siloed selves, but relational networks, built metabolically by our every biome-laced breath, thinking through filamentous connectivity rather than inside one neatly bounded mind. What does it mean to distribute our ideas of cognition, individual health, storytelling, and intuition out into webs of relationship that include pollution, microplastic, old growth forests, and mycorrhizal fungi? What if there are futures only visible from the spaces “between” minds and species and belief systems?

Join Sophie Strand for this special course as we explore these questions and more!