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Holotropic States of Consciousness: Technologies of the Sacred

A 4-Part Course with Stanislav Grof

In this 4-part course, renowned clinical psychiatrist Stanislav Grof guides us through an exploration of what changes need to be made in the field of modern psychotherapy when we study non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Through more than sixty years of research and study into non-ordinary states, Grof has acquired a wealth of wisdom in what he has coined holotropic states. Grof explains that in our ordinary state of consciousness, we use just a fraction of our potential; when we tap into these holotropic states, our realm of possibility expands exponentially.

Grof details how and when these holotropic states are accessed, the types of experiences that people have when accessing these states, the striking similarity of these experiences to those described in the great spiritual traditions, and how to work with these states to achieve a new level of healing and transformation.