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Introduction to Māori Self-Healing

A two-part course with Atarangi Murupaenga

Rongoā Māori (Māori healing) is a holistic approach based on 4 elements, wairua (spiritual), hinengaro (psychological), tinana (physical) and whanau (lineage). In this course, Atarangi shares the teachings of Mahi Rākau - Self Help / Self Healing.

She is joined by two special guests:

  • Makuini Ruth Tai, a respected Māori leader and advocate from Aotearoa (New Zealand), known for her dedication to Māori language revitalization, cultural preservation, and indigenous empowerment.
  • Hirini Reedy, a champion of Māori language revitalization, music, and cultural preservation.

As human beings we have become complex, and this complexity amplifies our lack while hampering our access to true self. Mahi Rākau is a return to Simplicity. It is a modality taught through many generations, with a unique methodology that heals and complements each individual according to his or her needs. The name comes from Mahi: work, job, action and Rākau: stick, tree, branch, or medicine. It can be at once easy or hard, challenging, thought-provoking, heart opening, painful, or pain-relieving.

The Rākau is a tool to help you discover yourself. To use the Rākau for self-healing, you leverage your bodyweight, either standing, sitting, or lying on your Rākau. The Rākau then ‘bites’ the flesh of specific parts of the foot or body that hold tension, ache, an old injury or emotion.  The bite sends a signal to clear and cleanse, or to release a way of being and doing that no longer serve us. You will be led through various positions and exercises to help you find the home within.